About us

Antwaine Clayton M.S., LPC

Owner and CEO

  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, helping individuals create change in their lives. I understand the
hesitation complications of initially seeking help and I provide services in a therapeutic, non-judgmental
approach. I provide Individual and Family Counseling. I also specialize in Male Issues and Guidelines for
Engaging with Law Enforcement and Authority Figures. I blend conventional and alternative approaches.
I draw upon a variety of styles and techniques to incorporate what will be most helpful for each


  As a Counselor to other Counselors, Logical Solutions Counseling, LLC aims to provide leadership, skilled
and trustworthy counseling. Logical Solutions Counseling services will be delivered with skill, integrity,
focus, authenticity, and professionalism while supporting the consumers spirit and practice goals.


Logical Solutions Counseling’s vision is to provide competent, logical, and holistic services that promote
consumer social-emotional development and address the presenting problems that currently exist.
Logical Solutions Counseling will address these issues by implementing logic-based and evidence- based
strategies in delivered services by specific training and wellbeing. By implementing effective mental
health consultation to Children, Preteens, Adolescent and Adults. The facilitation of mental health
services for consumers who need them and continuing to strive for excellence in supporting mental



  • Behavior Change- Enable consumer to live more productive and satisfying life. Using specific
    goals rather than general ones. These can be measured if more specific. Goals should be
    measurable so consumer can see their progress.
  • Promote Decision Making- Assisting the individual to make good decisions. Not making the
    decisions for them. Helping them to realize the consequences of their decisions. Explore a range
    of options, enabling consumers to see how their emotions, attitudes, and values influence their
    decisions and choices.
  • Improve Relationships- Interpersonal relationships across the board are becoming more
    effective. Negative self-image or lack of social skills are often the triggers of lacking
  • Facilitate Consumers Potential- Improving personal effectiveness, learning to use abilities, and
    interest to one’s potential emphasis on “Holistic Wellness” – mental, emotional, spiritual,
    physical, and social. This will aid them in realizing their potential.
  • Enhance Coping Skills- Helping individuals cope with new situations and challenges.
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